Center for Creative Energy

Art/Science Resources

To keep the Creative Energy flowing, we’re sharing our lesson plans, resources, and activity ideas with you. Please feel welcome to adapt these resources for use in your own classrooms and curriculum.

We love feedback, so please share with us your ideas and own resources that connect art and science.

Art/Science Fusion (Spring 2011)

For the Spring 2011 season of Art/Science Fusion, we developed a curriculum based upon the work of four Texas artists who depicted the Texas landscape in various ways. We used these painting to talk about artist perception and technique, and then connected it to water by focusing on how H2O influences the shape and ecosystems of the state.

Check out our Goals_and_Outcomes to get an idea of what we wanted our students to learn during this program.

These resources were designed for second grade students, but can be adapted for other grade levels as needed. Please feel free to use these resources to your advantage!


All About Texas Tour Ppt

Water Shapes Texas Ppt

Art/Science Fusion (Fall 2011)

The city of San Angelo and the Upper Colorado River Authority drained a stretch of the Concho River beside the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts to clean it and stabilize the banks. The staff at the Center for Creative Energy were inspired by the history and changes our river has faced over time, and developed a curriculum to examine how our river has changed over time because of floods, droughts, and human activity.

Here’s the curriculum: Flood.DroughtCurriculumFall2011

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