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Aqua Squad

Aqua Squad is a summer research and design program for 7th and 8th grade students in the San Angelo Independent School District.  Students explore photography, learn about local water issues, practice communication skills and utilize design to solve local problems.  During the next three years Aqua Squad teams will visit the Shedd Aquarium, the San Diego Zoo, and the Franklin Institute in order to gain an outside perspective on water issues, art and design. Once the summer is over, Aqua Squad is sent into the community to share what they’ve learned through exhibitions, public appearances and participating in community events.  Aqua Squad is a joint program designed and administered by the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, the Upper Colorado River Authority, and the San Angelo Independent School District.

2012 Aqua Squad

Diamond in 5 words: bubbly, intelligent, sweet, humorous, compassionate

Diamond’s favorite artist is Van Gogh. Her favorite museum is the Smithsonian in D.C.

Diamond’s water conservation tip: “Take a shorter shower. It really does save money!”

Diamond’s Hero: “My mom because she always tells me to keep going no matter what. She supports me through everything and anything. I love her!”

Ashley in 5 words: random, artistic, drawer, loves water, a.k.a. Daisy

Ashley’s favorite artist is Deamond on Youtube and Deviant Art.

Ashley’s water conservation tip: “Take shorter showers and think about your actions that might effect our water supply.”

Ashley’s hero: “My dad is my true hero because I almost died when I was 7 and my dad saved me.”

Kirstin in 5 words: fun, active, smart, energetic, random

Kirstin’s favorite museum is the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Kirstin’s water conservation tip: “Larger loads of laundry.”

Kirstin’s Hero: “My hero is my dad because he works hard and strives to help people.”

Joe in 5 words: smart, creative, curious, helpful, adventurous

Joe’s favorite museum is the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.

Joe’s water conservation tip: “Only make as much coffee as you will actually drink.”

Gillian in 5 words: caring, friendly, nice, smart, thoughtful

Gillian’s favorite museum is the Museum of Natural history. Her favorite author is Rick Riodan.

Gillian’s water conservation tip: “Water your lawn once or twice a week to save water instead of every day.”

Gillian’s hero: “Aqua Squad because they taught me how to save water and educated me more than ever.”

Dakota in 5 words: creative, fun, outgoing, spontaneous, sweet

Dakota’s favorite artist is Frida Kahlo.

Dakota’s water conservation tip: “Don’t leave the water running the entire time when washing dishes.”

Dakota’s hero: “Selena Gomez because she loves who she is and is super confident.”

Julia in 5 words: crazy, girly, smart, athletic, kind

Julia’s favorite museum is the Smithsonian.

Julia’s water conservation tip: “Turn the water off while brushing your teeth!”

Julia’s hero: My heroes are my teachers because they inspire me and encourage me to never stop learning.”

Andreas in 5 words: sarcastic, curious, lucky, talkative, happy

Andreas’ favorite museum is the Smithsonian.

Andreas’ water saving tip: “Pour left over water into your pet’s water bowl.”

Andreas’ hero is Neil Armstrong.

Henry in 5 words: fun, cool, awesome, weird, freckles

Henry’s favorite artist is Bert Teeter.

Henry’s water conservation tip: “Take 5 minute showers.”

Henry’s hero is Troy Polamalu because he is awesome!

John in 5 words: fun, athletic, ADHD, strange, loving

John’s hero is Katy Perry.

John’s water saving tip: “Water once a week. It really saves money.”

John’s hero is his brother Josh because he’s really awesome and fun to be around.



2011 Aqua Squad

2011 Aqua Squad with mentor and Director of Education for the UCRA , Christy Youker

After a rigorous application and interview process, 8 San Angelo Independent School District 7th and 8th graders were chosen to educate the public about critical water issues facing west Texas through public media campaigns and designing exhibitions and educational resources. Get to know your personal water ambassadors below!

Anyssa in 5 words: Funny, smart, caring, happy, creative

Anyssa’s Water Conservation Tip: “Don’t throw trash into the water.”

Anyssa’s Favorite Museum: Art Museums

Emily in 5 words: imaginative, creative, artistic, athletic, unique

Emily’s favorite artist: Monet

Emily’s Water Conservation Tip: “Instead of taking baths, take showers; but only for 10 minutes or shorter.”

Ann-marie in 5 words: loveable, excited, creative, musical, hyper

Ann-marie’s Favorite Artist: Renoir

Ann-marie’s Water Conservation Tip: “Shorter showers.”

Sully in 5 words: sarcastic, funny, creative, smart, uplifting

Sully’s Favorite Museum: The Smithsonian

Sully’s Water Conservation Tip: “Water once a week during the correct hours or don’t water at all.”

Ruby in 5 words: responsible, hard working, excited, creative, eager

Ruby’s Favorite Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Ruby’s Water Conservation Tip: “Educate the public so you have as many helping hands as possible.”

Ethan in 5 words: awesome, outstanding, over achiever, honest, trustworthy

Ethan’s Favorite Museum: The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Ethan’s Water Conservation Tip: “Hands-on activities with the public.”

Will in 5 words: hunter, awesome, fisherman, funny, smart

Will’s Favorite Museum: The Smithsonian

Will’s Water Conservation Tip: “Don’t water your lawn in the middle of the afternoon.”

Addison in 5 words: energetic, loud, creative, curious, helpful

Addison’s Favorite Museum: The Kansas City Museum

Addison’s Water Conservation Tip: “Not all water is equal!”

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    This is a fantastic organization that makes a difference in the community! Good job Aqua Squad!!!

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