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California Comparison: Water Here and There

How can a wetland help our water? This is Kirstin to tell you how!  We recently visited the San Diego Safari Park and learned that the water issues that we face in San Angelo are also a large problem there such as water quality and water quantity.  We started our visit by presenting our water concerns and possible solutions to the Safari Park staff. Check out our presentation here: San Diego Presentation

The Safari Park has natural filtration ponds similar to the ones near the River Stage in San Angelo. Both of them help control the nutrient level in the water coming from run off. San Diego also gets less precipitation than we thought so they want to reuse a lot of their water and are open to innovative ideas on how to conserve water. Robin Badger, the architect for the wetland project at the Safari Park, talked about how the filtration ponds work and the planning that went into their design.

Wetlands architect Robin Badger showing us designs for the project completed in 2010

We were also surprised at the wildlife that has come into the ponds, such as frogs, fish and insects. The park staff really recognized how important it was to have that ecosystem.

It also helped us realize how important the filtration ponds are to the river in San Angelo. We need more of these projects like wetlands in San Angelo. We are ready to educate our community leaders to do more!

Filtration ponds in San Angelo

One of the wetland ponds at Safari Park. Plants help to naturally filter out nutrients and more of the water stays at the park. That means more water conserved!

Another view of the ponds right near the black rhinos. We were able to walk around Safari Park as mobile tours drove by…it was like being in Jurassic Park (without the dinosaurs, of course)


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